Rust and Iron

Rust and Iron

 Iron sharpens iron, but rust decays both. If you want a glimpse at your future take a look at your friends, at who's sharpening you. Most people never quite get where they want to go in life, or become the fullness of who they were created to be because the path in front of them is thick with obstacles, and once they grow dull they're not around people who sharpen them back up.

Never be afraid to reconstruct your circle for the sake of framing your future. All your potential depends on it. Be iron, be around iron, but also be aware that the only thing of less value than dull iron, is iron that's been rusted through. Each of us carry a bit of rust on our surface. Habits, desires, flaws, mindsets and struggles that unchecked ignite decay in our life. That decay spreads from iron to iron.

It's impossible to do anything Great without picking up a little rust along the way. But continuing to do something Great requires keeping your rust in check, and helping the people that you sharpen yourself against to do the same. Because it only takes a few chips in your edge or rust at your hilt, before what made you special is too damaged to clear your path forward. And the ability to clear a path is what separates the average from the legendary.


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