Live at the Gathering of the Juggalos

The Gathering of the Juggalos is an annual festival put on by Detroit's Psychopathic Records featuring live performances by the entire label roster as well as a number of other well-known musical groups and underground artists.  It was first founded back in 2000 by the group Insane Clown Posse, and has since become known as the "Juggalo Woodstock".  The Gathering spans a course of five days where fans camp out on the grounds, and includes concerts, wrestling, games, contests, autograph sessions, karaoke, carnival rides and seminars with popular artists.Over its first eleven events, the festival has drawn an attendance of about 107,500 fans and has since hosted artists, comedians and celebrity hosts such as  Cheech & ChongCharlie SheenGilbert GottfriedPauly ShoreCharlie Murphy2 Live CrewIce-TNaughty by NatureMethod Man & RedmanIce CubeXzibitBusta RhymesMystikalBone Thugs-n-HarmonyJuvenileLil JonGeorge ClintonGwarCoolioScarfaceOl' Dirty BastardKuruptTech N9neThree 6 MafiaVanilla IceCypress HillCannibal CorpseKottonmouth Kings, OnyxWarren Gand the list goes on…  

Crucifix made his first appearance at the 15th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos on July 26th in Thornville Ohio, rocking all three main stages over a course of two days.  He first appeared on the Carousel Stage with the Underground Avengers, including Psychopathic artist Boondox and Bukshot.  Then opened up for Cypress Hill main stage the following day with Boondox, performing their new song "Betrayal" from his latest album "Abaddon".  After the show, Crucifix stepped off main stage to see a little girl about six years old with face paint staring through the chain link fence that separated the crowd from backstage, she smiled, a CD in one hand and Sharpie in the other.  Cruce beckoned at security to open the gate then stepped out into the crowd, kneeling down to talk with the little girl and sign her CD.  The crowd quickly began to gather with their trademark family chant, "Woop Woop!" and Crucifix slowly made his way through the audience, shaking hands, handing out CDs and signing autographs, then sat back with the rest of the Juggalos to watch the Cypress Hill performance.
After the Main Stage's grande finale with Insane Clown Posee, Crucifix wrapped up the final night at the Gathering with a solo performance on the Pendulum Stage.  But just moments before going on he was approached by two Juggalos in tears.  They began telling the story of their best friend who couldn't wait to make it to the Gathering to see him live... but was killed in a car accident just a two weeks before.  The week before he died, he heard "The Dreamer" for the first time, it was his favorite song the last week of his life.  Cruce took a minute to embrace the two Juggalos and they asked if he could dedicate the song to their friend, and that night The Dreamer poured through the speakers across the crowd to the memory of Michael.  After a 45 minute performance including songs like "Sidewayz", "Animal" and "Steal My Shine" Crucifix began to close out his set with a final word to the crowd and walk off stage.  Through the cheering a single voice could be heard from a man on the front row shouting.  Cruce turned to discern the man's words… "Stop Track Rapping!"  Accusing Crucifix of singing over vocals in his music, the man continued to shout… so Cruce responded.  "He says I'm track rapping… somebody put me on an instrumental and let's show homeboy what track rapping does not look like!  Any instrumental…  I dont care, put on Barbie Girl, I'll freestyle and murk this fool to Barbie Girl…"  The crowd bursts into laughter and within seconds a new instrumental comes pounding through the speakers.  "We're all family here," he screamed "so ain't nobody fighting tonight, but if I murk this fool on this instrumental, I want all my Juggalos out there to spray him with Faygo!"  The crowd erupts and the beat begins to knock as Crucifix tears into the mic.  Within minutes the roaring crowd turns with bottles of Faygo and begins spraying it on the man screaming "Hater!"  Then Cruce makes one last salute to the crowd before stepping off stage, "That's how you make your haters your motivators… this show just got that much better because of him!  The world's gonna hate you, you just keep rising above!"






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