The Lacs & Crucifix Fall Tour


Crucifix teams back up with country rap's favorite mud slingin' duo, The Lacs and Florida's Hard Target for their first collective Coast to Coast Tour.  Kicking off August 5th, the boys will make their way through the South, across the Midwest, East Coast and North West, before finally tearing it up down the West Coast.

This isn't the first time Crucifix has found himself hitting the road with them Lac boys. "It's a problem..." He says. "See every time the guys pull through my city, I go out, support, we rock our song Just Another Thing, have a good time... then things just get out of hand. Shots get passed and I always find myself waking up somewhere on a bus in middle America."

The last time Cruce found himself coming to on The Lacs tour bus was just outside of Omaha. "We crashed a Casino, turned our hotel room into a studio and ended up recording the title track to their latest album, Outlaw In Me... So I can't wait to see what this run brings."


  • Posted by robin huullet on

    need you to come to birmingham alabama.

  • Posted by TammyRay on

    Testing Testing 123…. Cruc, you reading these??? Hope all is Well and Good in 2017 and Always..Blessings~

  • Posted by TammyRay on

    April 1st just became my favorite day of 2017 so far..

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