The Wormwood Tour

Crucifix is coming to a city near you!!!  Catch him LIVE with Psychopathic Records' Boondox, Bukshot and Aqualeo as they start their East Coast stretch of the Wormwood tour.  The madness kicks off May 16th in Atlanta Georgia with the release of the new Boondox record "Abaddon", including the hot new track "Betrayal" (Feat. Crucifix).  Then brazes up the East Coast and Midwest through 20 different cities, blowing out the grande finale at Psychopathic's 15th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos.  

But what's a 20 city tour without a new smash single and music video?  Get ready for Boondox, Bukshot and Crucifix to light up the stage and turn back the clock, reviving the spirit of Classic Rock in the world of HipHop with their sizzling new remake of the Journey classic, "Don't Stop Believing".  Heard and performed for the first time on the Wormwood Tour.  So check the dates below and mark you calendars because this will be one to remember!



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