My Name Is Chain

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Custom designed and handmade by Crucifix himself, each Chain of the Past is One of Ten Limited Edition pieces, cut from the actual chain used in the music video "My Name Is". In the video, these chains represented the struggles and failures, pains and vices that bound Crucifix for so long, as his darker side laid waste to everything Godly in his life.

After the music video was complete Crucifix cut the chain into 12 pieces, turning 11 of them into wearable belt chains, to serve as a constant reminder of the past that bound him and what set him free. One chain he kept for himself, the other ten he numbered and made available here in the Crucifix Memorabilia Vault.

Each chain is individually crafted with 17 links of heavy duty steel, finished with a decorative Cross and Numbered Pendent, and comes with an autographed Certificate of Authenticity. Once purchased these items will not be available again unless put up for sale by their new owner. Photos of this item will remain in the Crucifix Memorabilia Vault alongside the names of the new owners.