The Crucifix Chronicles

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  • $59.99

Get your hands on a rare piece of Crucifix Memorabilia with his biggest Collection of music to date. This Limited Edition 4 Disc Set comes with 3 full-length albums, 1 Bonus Disc, 58 Songs, a rare handwritten design and will never be printed again.

Each copy of the "Crucifix Chronicles / 2020 Edition" is hand-numbered, autographed and personalized* to you or the person of your choice. It’s the perfect way to introduce a friend to the music you love, or get all your favorite songs on one album.

 *When purchasing please note the name of the person you would like it made out to in the Notes on your Order. If no name is noted, the Set will be made out to the person who purchased it. Because this is an exclusive, one time only product, no returns will be accepted once personalized.