When I was child they said I was a Dreamer.  Just another kid with his head in the clouds.  I say I just  
refuse to settle for anything less than everything I've dreamed… but the mind of every Dreamer is a
wilderness.  A wasteland of trials and testing, victory and defeat.  The Dreamer is who rises above,
with his voice to the world… "I won't let someone who gave up on their dreams rob me of mine."

On April 26th, 1986 in a small town in northern Ukraine, the worst nuclear accident in history took place.
Chernobyl as it would forever be known, became a ghost town, a radioactive desert of death and horror 
for the 50,000 people who once lived there.  Their story is one rarely told, a story of heroes and victims,
fighting off their invisible enemy to this day...  Chernobyl will be uninhabitable for the next 50,000 years.

What does it take to bring a legend back to life?  A man who once walked atop the world and lost it all,
only waiting to be brought back from the dead.  Crucifix plays the metaphorical Grim Reaper that digs
up Country Rap's greatest pioneer, Bubba Sparxxx.  In a story of redemption and deliverance, the duo
deliver a cinematic masterpiece only to be rivaled by it's song.

Crucifix and Dirty South Legend Sean Paul of the YoungbloodZ team up in this haunting underground 
anthem, taking you deep inside the world of outlaw biker MC, the Outcasts.  From behind the walls
of their Atlanta Club House to life on the open road, Down 2 Die delivers the Dirty South, hard hitting
HipHop the streets Atlanta are known for with a touch of life behind the patch.

Crucifix, Bukshot and Boondox team up in their new remake of a Journey Classic to pay tribute to the
world of Underground Music and the artists that keep it alive.  Produced by Tech N9ne's acclaimed
producer Michael "Seven" Summers and directed by the award winning Antonio Pantoja.  Song now
available for FREE download at www.CrucifixMusic.com

Crucifix teams up with California's notorious bootleggin', shine runnin', whiskey drinking, Country Rap
rebels, the Moonshine Bandits, in this party anthem ode to ones of God's most beautiful creations...
A good ol' Country Girl. Mixing Southern Rock, Rap, a hint of country and a little Bonnie and Clyde
action, the trio serves up a crockpot of badassery guaranteed to keep them Daisy Dukes shaking.

Crucifix and Detroit rapper, Credit come together in this song of struggle and hardship… and what it takes to
overcome.  From battling the chains of addiction to fighting back the memories of a broken past, Been So
Wrong delivers chilling dynamic vocals, heartfelt lyrics and a message of hope, all poured over a Dirty South
beat that will rattle your trunk and grip your heart.