Rebel Rider Custom

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Designed, sewn, painted and hand stitched by Crucifix, the Rebel Rider is a sleeveless work shirt with a destroyed and rugged look. Boasting $200 of custom patchwork, including a Cruce Signati Skull back patch, top and bottom rockers, a CS chest patch, black and white American flag chest patch and UCIV insignia patch, this unique work of art stands as the first fully handmade custom shirt ever personally crafted by Crucifix. With over 21 hours of work, this slim fitting XXL shirt is crafted with multiple layers of heavy duty fabric, and reinforced with both machine and hand sewn seams. Custom button, eyelit and paint work, as well as it's edged Frankenstitch thread design gives the Rebel Rider a look like none other.

New Owner : Jarrod Hearn, Tipton Indiana