Cruce Signati Rosary

You've seen it in music videos from The Dreamer to Chernobyl, Down 2 Die and Been So Wrong to Don't Stop… now you can own the Official Cruce Signati Rosary Necklace worn by Crucifix.  This heavy duty, high quality Rosary is made of chain link alloy and black beads, and comes 24.5 inches in length with a 2 inch adjustable chain.  It's 6.3 inch pendant includes a three layer metal Crucifix with a detailed image of the body of Christ, and weighing in at 1.6 ounces, it's the perfect weight.  

Want your Rosary with a little more personal touch?  Order the one right off Crucifix's neck!  Click the drop down box and hit "Worn by Crucifix".  As soon as you place your order the Rosary he is wearing at that moment will be taken off and shipped to you in an autographed box with a personal letter of authenticity.  Please note: Slight visible wear may vary depending on how long Crucifix has worn the rosary.  It may have been used during multiple performances in addition to daily wear.

  • $24.99