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Along Comes Sludge

Along Comes Sludge

Every day you allow yourself to care about someone else's opinion of you is a day you stay bound by the very chains they wish to put upon you. For if freedom is the absence of chains, then one chain is one chain too many to truly be free. Simply put, a single worry of how the world views you is t...

Like Leaves

Like the leaves of the season, so are friends. Blooming in our lives but for a brief, waking moment, shining bright, vibrant in all their splendor... then quickly fading into yesterday as a new season peeks over the horizon. Suddenly the leaves begin to change and we find ourselves gripping tight...

Dance in the Rain

I sit here tapping away at the small glowing keys on my laptop, the rattling sound of the air conditioner rushing through the vents overhead, the room is empty… just me and my thoughts.  Sometimes it takes bumping into one of these "alone" moments to make myself stop.  Stop, breathe and just tha...

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